Modernization of Cemetery & Funeral Organizations Using NetSuite

In today’s changing digital world, it is critical to implement tools that support companywide operations and access to data. Software, such as NetSuite, is one of the most significant factors that bind organizations to data. On October 12, 2021 Bridgepoint Consulting hosted a virtual webinar, “Modernization of Cemetery and Funeral Organizations Using NetSuite,” to delve into the benefits of integrating modern systems and demonstrate how an ERP transformation can propel an organization forward. 

The discussion, moderated by Hailey Null, Alliance Marketing Manager for Oracle NetSuite, focused on using NetSuite to tackle specific challenges in the cemetery and funeral industry such as contract management, property, and physical inventory tracking, and reoccurring payments. Using Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services and Bridgepoint Consulting’s partnership as a case study, the webinar highlighted how NetSuite implementation transformed business operations. Breaking it down, here are best practices and insights that every firm should consider when choosing NetSuite as their ERP:  

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Post-Pandemic Considerations for Management Teams

What should business leaders consider as they lead their organizations to economic recovery after the impact brought by COVID-19? Watch this FEI Austin webinar, to hear from a panel of experienced leaders who have weathered economic downturns and gain some actionable insights into what to consider when moving forward from the crisis.

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What is GDPR and why should I care?

GDPR is truly a game-changer for today’s businesses. Are you struggling to gain GDPR compliance? Are your customers asking about GDPR – do you have a plan? Watch our IMA Inside Talk Webinar to learn how to overcome common challenges and achieve compliance.

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline has passed, yet the majority of companies are still scrambling to put compliance measures in place. And in many cases are facing new demands from their customers they can’t meet. What is the delay, where are the struggles coming from, and how are they overcoming the challenges?

In this webinar, we discuss how companies can achieve compliance despite the difficulties and share helpful insights to navigate this new compliance requirement. You’ll also hear real-life stories from executives of Bazaarvoice, a global ecommerce company and AllClear ID, a cybersecurity company— including their experience with the good, bad and ugly side of GDPR and how it has impacted their IT strategy and business.



  • Understand the GDPR framework
  • Explain how to successfully implement GDPR.
  • Identify if/which GDPR requirements apply to your business
  • Understand the common GDPR implementation challenges.
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A Pain-Free Acquisition: What do Investors Want?

If you are contemplating such a transaction, it’s important to look at the transaction through the potential investors’ eyes to achieve the best possible deal. For companies that have not been audited, providing key performance metrics and financial reports can pose a significant challenge. In this on-demand webinar, hear how a leading management consulting firm moved from letter of intent to close in 41 days by leveraging a digitally enabled, cloud-based financial reporting environment.

Gain helpful insights and lessons learned from their first-hand experience so that you can ensure a smooth and efficient future acquisition.


  • Discuss how to effectively implement a digital transformation in your organization
  • Identify the advantages of using an integrated ERP to manage KPIs and financial reports
  • Assess key data requirements from potential investors
  • Explain how to meet various auditor expectations during the acquisition
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Avoiding ERP Implementation Failure

While companies of all sizes are investing in ERP systems to help improve processes and boost their business growth, it’s no secret that ERP implementations fail at an alarmingly high rate. In fact, the implementation process can potentially create many challenges and costly mistakes across your organization, depending on how things are managed. The good news is, there are ways to crack the code and overcome these challenges so you can fully reap the benefits of your ERP system.

Looking to implement an ERP system? Watch our on-demand webinar to get practical tips and guidance to help you tackle your project the smart way.


  • Learn about three common ERP implementation challenges and how to overcome them
  • Discover why data, people and managing expectations are critical to your success
  • Hear from executives at leading software and manufacturing companies, about their own ERP implementation successes and lessons learned
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